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Instagram Link Sharing in Story [Illustrated] 2020

Add link to Instagram Story [Guide]

Instagram link sharing guide is here.

From the big pie of the Instagram audience, all end users and businesses want to get a quick share. However, users who have passed the 10,000 follower threshold can now perform the instagram link planting process. Instagram knows you can share Links in Stories. But many do not know how and in what way to do this, or how to use it efficiently.

The issue of adding Instagram links is a little different compared to other social media platforms. Because, clickable links cannot be added to the explanation texts written under Instagram shares. Since there are very few fields that can be linked, click on ” How to Add Links to Instagram Stories? ” question becomes even more important.

In this article, we will discuss the issue of adding links to Instagram stories in detail and illustratively. Before going into the detailed explanation, let’s talk a little about the importance of Instagram link adding feature for those who are curious.

Why is it important to use Instagram story link?

Add instagram link instagram story link instagram link sharing

You’ve probably seen the swipe up stories, haven’t you? Wouldn’t you like to be able to do that on your page?

The most used and most updated social media application of recent years according to trends is undoubtedly Instagram. Although these updates sometimes make users rebel, everyone is looking to get a share of the cake in some way. After Facebook acquired Instagram, it also launched the ability to advertise on Instagram to generate higher ad revenue and collect more data. Instagram link hsaring

The last time it was announced in 2016 was the Instagram Stories feature with an update that made a serious impact. Thanks to Instagram Stories, conversion rates have increased for both advertisers and users. Of course, when both the receiver and the giver are satisfied; Instagram has begun encouraging 25 million business accounts to advertise successfully.

Instagram Stories Ads

add instagram stories link instagram story link instagram link sharing

When Instagram Stories were held and conversions increased, it attracted more of the attention of businesses.

There was also a great opportunity! To be able to redirect… There is now another way to redirect websites from Instagram to websites that cannot be shared except for the profile section! Thus, Instagram Stories Ads began to be used more and serious conversions began to be received.

Later, this feature was offered to users with SOME CONDITIONS. :)

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How to Add Instagram Story Link?

Before adding a link to the post you are going to share on Instagram stories, you must meet some conditions and make a few adjustments. We share the issue of adding Instagram links in detail and up-to-date. Roll up your sleeves!

Account Type

The first condition for adding Instagram links is the account type. To add a “swipe up” link to your stories, your account must be Business or creator . You can do this by logging into Instagram Settings and tapping the “Switch to business profile” or “Creator” tabs. On the screen that comes up, you will be asked to log in with the Facebook page of the relevant account. You can switch to a Business profile or a Creator profile by completing the steps.

Add instagram story link

Follower Count Criterion

The number of followers is one of the most difficult and paused points. Because Instagram is one of the conditions for sharing links in stories: Your account must have at least 10,000 Instagram followers . If your follower count is less than 10,000, you cannot add Instagram links through stories.

Everything is ok! How do I add a Link to my story?

After fulfilling the first 2 requirements, the process of adding Instagram links is relatively much easier. As a business account with more than 10 thousand followers; After setting up your sharing as if you were sharing a normal story, you can copy the link you want to direct your followers to by tapping the chain symbol at the top of the Story screen.

how to add instagram link
1. Instagram Story link insertion chain
instagram link add screen
2. Paste the link into the address bar on the screen that appears.

After tapping Done, you can advise your users to swipe upto reach the relevant website or page.

We hope that it will be useful to write such a guide article, as we know that there are so many who do not know as well as those who do not know.

Now you have fully learned the ability to Add Links to Instagram Stories.

How Effective Is the Instagram Swipe Up Link Feature Feature?

The best answer to this question is: “How well designed is your story? ” may be the question. Because, as you know, there are not many absolute truths in the digital world, especially in social media.

Let’s give you some examples of some areas where the Instagram swipe up feature can be used to give you an idea:

  • Let’s assume that you have an education that you sell on your website. You have made the most detailed explanation of this tutorial on your website. And there are many details about you on your website. So why not use Instagram story forwarding to direct your followers to your website?
  • You have more than one product. You sell them on platform X. You shoot stories every day, but your followers are trying to reach them through DM instead of coming to the platform where you are selling. Is this a waste of effort for you? Imagine putting a link to each story to the relevant product.
  • For communication, you can direct your followers directly to your Whatsapp support line via Instagram stories.
  • Let’s say you’re a youtube content creator. Wouldn’t you like to share a link to your new video with your followers on Instagram?

All this and more depends on your imagination. You can follow the productive pages and examine how they are used in person.

1 minute! Speaking of the productive page… You are already following TEKNOTOWER, aren’t you :))

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