TeknoTower Team Manifesto

Hello Dear Follower and TeknoTower Team Candidate,

First of all, thank you for your enthusiasm, interest and support. As mentioned before; TeknoTower, first of all; It is a voluntary technological awareness movement.

To date, it has never regarded the purpose of obtaining material gain as the primary goal. And it has not been able to walk steadily with any candidate whose priorities are financial gains.

Teknotower is to provide social benefit in technology by providing accurate and useful technological news and information, especially to the youth of Turkey.

What we do

You know that we care about our Instagram page and our social media relationships. Especially our managers are interested in our Instagram page.

2. As of January 2020, with our 36,000 follower count, we are trying to maintain the awareness of "benefiting" that we have been maintaining for about 4 years without 'spoiling' ourselves, without turning into a funny-joke entertainment page that looks like a technology page .

3. Apart from the Instagram account, there is a variable Freelancer team that managers organize to run different digital operations. This team provides semi-independent services from TeknoTower in subjects such as SEO, SEM, Web design, software and security. Our team members can benefit from these experiences. They are able to prepare for the business world.

So, is there technology somewhere, brother? We are there as much as we can.

What are we waiting for?

4. In the experiment-meeting processes, we continue this path by carrying our relationships with those who provide trust and success to the level of "friendship".

5. The most common features we look for in candidates are:

Honesty, passion and stability

Within this framework and in line with the capabilities you will convey to us; We would like to identify some collaborative work we can do with you for now.

6. You need to get manager approval and an opinion consultant for the content you will prepare.


8. We expect you to introduce yourself with a (CV-like) article in which you explain yourself, what you can do and your 'expectations' in a natural way. Join us by filling out the form below!

Applications that are not written in proper Turkish and do not have at least 3-4 lines of explanation will not be evaluated!

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