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You can find the most descriptive answer to the question of what is TFS in this article. What is TFS, how does it work, how is it set up, and how to use it? You will have an idea about their questions.

Local is used to store software developed on the web or desktop. Software written locally can only be intervened and changed locally. Such situations put developers in a very difficult position. In such cases, the TFS system comes into play.

Let's say you own a business that serves the software industry. More than one developer will be working on a collaborative project. In this case, all developers need access to the common project. The impact of TFS is most clearly felt at times like these.

Note: Changes have been made within the scope of the project; teknotower-test-> was renamed teknotower. Example_one = example.


It is a versioning systemwhere more than one team or person can develop on the same project in different environments. You cannot connect at the same time while developing a project. However, after the work to be done on the Front End side is done, it sends the project to the TFS system and prepares the work to be done on the Back End side.

Let's examine its installation and connections.

what is tfs logo teknotower

How to Create an Account ?

To follow all of the steps, you need to have an Outlook account. On a Microsoft-based system, you can log in with your outlook account.

Click on the link here to open an account on the TFS system. If you have an Outlook account, you can log in. Otherwise, you can create a new account and register.

We have created our user registration and completed the login process. Now let's create our new project. After pressing the New Project button, you will see a screen like the one below.

tfs login login teknotower

Let's examine the steps here one by one…

1.Ad: You need to enter the name of your project. You can enter Teknotower as an example.

2.Ad: You can enter a description for your project. I usually skip this place. You can use it to tell your other friends how your project works.

3.Ad: This part is important. Public; If you select , your project will be publicly accessible. I do not recommend this option. We are more private and only want the people to whom we send requests to log in. Private; If you select , your project won't be publicly accessible.

4.Ad: This is the most important part: version control. In this field, it will ask you to choose the Git or TFVC (Team Foundation Version Control) option. In this step, we will select the TFCV option. Why? We will host our C# code in the TFS system. That's why our own system will be more useful for us. Work Item Proccess; I will describe this area in the following articles. It will be enough for us to choose Agile. You can read the article we wrote about GIT to have information about GIT.

what is tfs teknotower

After completing the installation process, you will be presented with a screen like the one in the image. Now, let's examine the menu on the left.

Overview / Summary : It allows you to reach the page that is already open in the visual.

Overview / Dashboards: Quite a large area. An area where you can add widgets. We will use it intensively when necessary.

Overview / Wiki: After installing the plugin here, your page will be divided into two. You can write your codes on the left side and see the equivalent on the right side.

Repos/Files: This is the area we'll use the most. All the code that the teams write is hosted here. And when necessary, intervention can be made through the TFS system.

Repos/Changesets: It is a log page where the transactions made according to time are kept.

I explained the areas we need and will use primarily from the small. I will explain all the remaining areas in depth when necessary.

How to add a new user ?

what is tfs teknotower

After following the steps as in the image, you will come to the " Add Administrator" button. With the help of the button, you can add and delete new admins. Each person you add can make changes through the project.

You can share your project with your team by adding colleagues here.

As you know, I am giving training on software development with Asp Net MVC at Teknotower. We develop the software we develop in the Visual Studio environment. Let's take advantage of one of the biggest benefits of a Visual Studio program.

Let's transfer our MVC project to the TFS system and put it in a position where we can intervene anytime, anywhere.

You can learn about the installation of the program and the project formation from my article here.

How to Set Up a Connection from Visual Studio to TFS

Note: You need to sign in to Visual Studio with your outlook account to perform these steps.

visual studio tfs input

As I mentioned, following the steps, let's press the Manage Connections button.

tfs manage connections

If you can see the project you created on the TFS page here, there is no problem. Choose your project and let's move on.

tfs project selection

Specifying the path to the folder where your project is installed on your computer, pressing the "map & get" button and getting our file ready to send to TFS.

tfs map get

Let's right-click on our project starting with "Solution" from the Solution Explorer window and follow these steps; Right Click > Add solution to source control.

After completing this step, the green "+" sign will appear just to the left of the "example_one" lettering.

Your files have been transferred to the TFS system.

add solution tfs

And let's right-click on our project that says "Solution" again and click on the "Check in" option from the window that opens.

Again, let's go into the TFS system and see what happened.

start the app

As you can see, our project was transferred to the TFS system without any problems. Now we can access it from anywhere we want.

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