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What is Innovation and What Does It Do?

innovation is the process of development or innovation that contributes to today’s value at tomorrow’s risk. This process is one of the most critical elements affecting the survival, growth and development of both corporate firms competing in the sector and new ventures. In this article, we will answer the questions of what is innovation is and what it does with examples

inovasyona gerek var mı? inovasyon nedir what is innovation

What is Innovation?

Innovation is something that must be done in order not to end up in a situation where, as Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, once the leader in the phone industry, said, “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow we lost”. Nokia did not feel the need to innovate, thinking that it was unrivaled in the industry. However, new information emerges every day and innovation is essential to keep up with this information, to make different connections and to respond to new needs.

Innovation means finding partners or ecosystems that we can collaborate with, that will support our projects, and that will give us new perspectives. These can either come from within our existing group or from outside.

Innovation means that the people we work with are not alike, that they show their differences, that they identify a problem and come up with creative ideas to solve it. If we need a superhero in real life, we need to innovate there. In order to innovate, we must first find out in which field, why and for whom we want to do it. Thus, our question of what is innovation is has been answered a little bit.

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How to Innovate?

  1. Empathy: The first step to innovation is empathy. It is necessary to observe and discover what kind of problems and needs are around without prejudice, to put ourselves in the other party’s shoes and try to understand their difficulties. We need to get rid of our old knowledge, look at things as if we are seeing them for the first time, ask curious questions, and dream like a child. Because when we look with our minds, our assumptions and facts prevent us from gaining new insights.
  2. The second step in idea generation for the problem we have discovered is analytics. We need to concretize the problem, think about how we can solve it, test our solution, gather evidence, create a business model.
  3. Should we implement our idea, are there real needs for it on the ground, how can we validate these needs, how can we take our idea further, what are our weaknesses, and so on.
  4. Taking a commercial view. The fourth step of innovation is commercial. We need to think about how we can turn our solution into value. We need to come together with the people who know our solution best, exchange views on the subject, market our idea, find our customers.
  • Innovation succeeds by consciously combining individual talents in pursuit of common goals.
inovasyonu özümsemek inovasyon nedir what is innovation

Embracing Innovation

Embracing innovation is possible by developing an innovative way of thinking. This is done through constant practice and small experiments to improve ourselves or our work environment. When we ask a question, we should not give the answer immediately, but allow time to use our imagination and establish cause and effect relationships. We need to broaden our perspectives and observe in order to learn how to navigate. We need to create appropriate spaces for the exchange of ideas. Find small projects where we work together towards a single goal. A teacher can also apply this to his/her class. The important thing is to be open to improvement.

We should not be afraid to make mistakes, we should create a space for ourselves where we can make mistakes and work on them. Every idea we encounter in the process should be part of the evaluation. We should find group friends, partners, be open to different ideas with the people we dream of, and carry our ideas forward.

The only first step you need to take is to discover the purpose that makes you dream of the future, that keeps you awake, that makes you smile, and then build your roadmap…The only first step you need to take is to discover the purpose that makes you dream of the future, that keeps you awake, that makes you smile, and then build your roadmap…

Innovation is Through Analyzing!

If you want a new idea, read an old book”

Although it may be complicated and difficult at first to apply this for both yourself and the place you want to develop by adding value to your current value, you will see the benefits many times over as your perspective changes. If you keep a report, both your mistakes and your successes will help you move faster in the next steps. Analysis is at the heart of innovation. So every step along the way will make your next project less vulnerable.

In this article, we have touched on the question of what is innovation in a memorable way with good examples and we have searched for sincere answers to the question of what is innovation . I hope that everyone who reads our article will inform those around them by giving full answers when asked what is innovation.

(For more in-depth information on the subject, you can follow Dr. Hüseyin Güler, whose words are also mentioned in many parts of this article).

inovasyon için kitap önerileri inovasyon nedir what is innovation

Helpful Resources on Innovation

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Thank you for reading our article on what is innovation.

Stay tuned for more news and developments!

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