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Want to turn to software but don’t know where to start?

Software, which is at the forefront of the ranking of future professions, seems to go even further. When we do some research, we come across many software languages. The first question asked by those who are directed to this field is; “What language should I learn?”whereas before starting it is necessary to establish a ground. You can start this field with the algorithm. By learning algorithm logic, you will create an open ground for learning in your mind for coding languages. The algorithm is like the decision phase of the project. It is a roadmap on where to start with the topic at hand, how to find the solution to the problem. You can learn the algorithm very easily here . Software languages and features…

As time progresses, interest and curiosity in software increases. Software, programming, code have started to be heard more frequently today.Many people can now combine this area with their own ideas and create a project that will make life easier.

The software is not difficult to learn but rather there are resources in every language in this area. The main thing is to develop.

In this article we will examine the most used languages in coding. You can choose to help yourself in whatever subject you want to improve in these languages. Need language support for the project you have in mind? In which language do you want to show your talents?You can answer these questions by looking at the content of the languages defined.

software languages and features python


Language that knows no bounds in service. It was started in 1991 to automate boring tasks. Object-oriented. Python is a powerful language and what makes it so powerful is that it is an open source and modular programming language. A good reason to love this favorite language is its easy readability. You can even read code that someone else wrote. Unlike many languages, in Python ‘; There is no ‘ mark. Instead, there is a requirement to write readable for the code. As Python was developed, it was found in different branches. For example; web design, data science, artificial intelligence, etc. It also works on operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Android, Linux. If you want to learn Python for hackers or cybersecurity, you’re in the right place. Thanks to the libraries for a topic you are working on, you can also benefit from the code prepared by other programmers.

The written code needs to be understood by the processor. For this, the processor you use must be converted into a language that it understands, that is, machine code. The Python interpreter is used as a translation for Python codes to be worked by the processor. Every beauty has a flaw. At the beginning of those who use the language; Google is coming. It is also the source of its popularity. Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, Planet, CERN, Sage, etc. are just a few.

Software Languages and Features 1 software languages and features

What to do with Python

  • Web Programming
  • GUI Development (Graphical user interface)
  • System management
  • Game development
  • Mobile app
  • Data science
  • Network programming
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cryptology
  • OpenCV (facial recognition)
Software Languages and Features 2 software languages and features


A language where you can write full bridle code. It was designed in 1995 for interactive televisions. It is similar to the working logic of Python. It is an object-oriented, open source language. Their codes include “{ } , [ ] ” parentheses and a must ‘ at the end of the code ‘ ; ‘ mark. In this way, its readability is understood. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it looks so tiny; <- that’s a mistake when you’re not friends! and the big project waits for him to be written. Patience is a must… When you want to use a program written in Java on many operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, etc., you can run it without modification.

Java has also made itself the slogan with this most admired feature: “write once, run anywhere“. You can run part of a piece of software on one machine and the other on another machine at the same time. That is why it is said that the language of the Internet is Java. Java can both compile and interpret code with the virtual machine it creates. This is where his weak point comes in. Since it can run on almost any operating system, it spends a lot of performance on it, which causes it to slow down. But his work on this issue continues.  

With the Java API (which is the name given to the software libraries used in Java software), users are offered access to hundreds of topics such as disks, graphics, networks, databases, security. It is more preferred by large/corporate companies. Among those who use the language; Huawei, Sony, Turkcell, YapıKredi, Akbank, Ericsson, Vodafone… More.

Software Languages and Features 3 software languages and features
Java programming

What to do with Java?

  • Web Programming
  • Proxy server
  • ERP (enterprise resource planning) application development
  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile apps
  • 3D gameplay
  • Graphical user interface
  • Image editor
  • Text editor
  • ATM…
Software Languages and Features 4 software languages and features
C #

C #

The language you will have fun coding. It was developed by Microsoft in 2000. He contributed to the development of the concept of object-oriented programming. It is modeled after the Java language. Therefore, the code writing rules are very close to each other. The C# programming language is designed for Server (Computing) and embedded systems . That’s why you’ll often see ‘.NET’ next to C#.

C# applications are also designed to be frugal with memory and processor requirements. It has a garbage collector itself, and if there are any unused/undefined variables, it removes them from storage. C# is a virtual machine-based language. This means that it creates a virtual space between the operating system and the computer and simulates how the codes work. It works on operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac with the help of several requirements. C# can compile into machine language (in two stages). Many game engines, including Unity, use C#. It provides rich facilities in this area. Popular games are generally built with C#.

Software Languages and Features 5 software languages and features
C# Programming

What to do with C#

  • Console Applications
  • Windows Form Applications
  • Mobile Programming
  • Web services (such as HTTP)
  • Game development
  • Web application
Software Languages and Features 6 software languages and features


A general-purpose language. It started to be developed in 1979. Object-oriented. As in other languages, you have to make an effort, and in this language, you need to increase the dose by one click. If you say, “I will learn quickly if there is a language that I will deal with”, this language is for you. If you want to deal with big things, like making an operating system. Then you can learn C++. With good development, you can even make your own browser. He knows the language of the hardware well. Therefore, it is the language that most easily translates the codes into the machine. Fast and memory management is powerful. If you are interested in hardware and coding, it is a language where you can realize both at the same time. You can work with the Dev-C++ editor.

Software Languages and Features 7 software languages and features
C++ programming

What to do with C++?

  • Operating systems
  • Game
  • Drive
  • Anti-viruses
  • Graphics programs
  • User interface
  • 3D gameplay
  • Mobile application…
Software Languages and Features 8 software languages and features


The language that drives coding. It started to be developed in 1972. C++ and C# are in this family. The C programming language is written in Assembly . It is also called machine language for short. It is an efficient and reliable language. The C programming language does not work in a web browser. It allows you to make your web browser. C is a structured language. C codes are made up of sub-programs called functions . It is a portable language independent of hardware as it works on many platforms. In this way, the C program can be compiled in another operating system without any changes, or with little change. It has been used extensively in many operating systems today (Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, BSD, Minix). Once you’ve decided what to do, the next steps are clearer and proceed more systematically.You can work with the Dev-C++ editor.

Software Languages and Features 9 software languages and features

What to do with C?

  • Database systems
  • Operating systems
  • Chart
  • Network drives
  • Tabulation software
  • PIC programming
Software Languages and Features 10 software languages and features


The language you will say ‘coding is art’. The script, released in 1995, is object-based. That is, it works like the logic of object-oriented languages, but it cannot make special features. For example, with Java, you can make a browser-independent program. The backbone of JavaScript is the browser. That is why it is called the script language.

There is only a name similarity with Java (marketing strategy) It is generally used in the web domain. Designed to interact with the user. It is the pupil of those who want to make a dynamic website. You can benefit from the article prepared for beginners here . In addition, client-side and server-side scripts can be written. It can help you make animations. It is in the use of many advanced websites. You can work with Visual Studio Code.

What to do with JavaScript

  • website
  • Animation
  • Game development
  • Online applets (calculator, etc.) …


The first step of those who want to be in web design is HTML. Developed in 1990. It is designed to facilitate the sharing of information. It is the foundation of the web. Its purpose is to ensure that data such as text, images, videos are displayed by the browser. CSS was introduced in 1996 to allow you to make a website in line with HTML. You can make the architecture of your website with HTML and enrich the content with your design with CSS.We can’t make a program that works on its own with HTML/CSS. He needs utilities with which he can work. That is why it is not a programming language. It is a markup language. Also called markup language. In short, you use the tag to shape your web page. By browsers, this is read, interpreted and displayed to the user.Development in this area is achieved through abundant experimentation. You can work with Visual Studio Code.

These are a few examples of languages that are often used in our country, but if you want to examine the names of other languages, you can do it with “hello world” review in 200 programming languages. In addition, if you want to start the subject as a hobby in a completely random way, it can provide a shortcut in finding the language that is for you by applying the testmade by codeacademy. You can also find the online editor here . Success for your choice and what you will do now…

Software Languages and Features 11 software languages and features

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